WETTING AGENT Is organic surfactant is a concentrated and powerful oil wetting agent for oil base muds. It is used primarily in relaxed fluid loss, lower lime oil mud systems which use secondary emulsifier, Is an excellent wetting agent which is especially effective in systems using difficult to wet (hematite). It is also effective at oil wetting barite and drill solids, and at reducing the adverse effects of water contamination.

Physical Properties

Physical appearance . . . . . . . . . . . . Dark brown/green, viscous liquid

Specific gravity . . . . . . .. . . . . . …. 0.88 –0.96  gm/cm3

Flash point . . . . . . . . . . …. . . . . . .   (93.3°C)

Pour point . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .  (6.7°C)


WETTING AGENT functions as a wetting agent when used in relaxed fluid loss, lower lime systems, usually in combination with SECONDARY EMULSIFIER. It oil wets weight material and drill solids to prevent water wet solids, improves thermal stability, rheological stability, filtration control and emulsion stability while it improves the fluid’s resistance to contamination.

Technical Information

from 1 to 4 lb/bbl, with occasional daily treatments ~0.063 lb/bbl. The Oil Base Mud systems include Diesel, mineral oil, elevated low shear rate viscosity and minimal water systems.


  • Concentrated, powerful oil wetting agent, even in low lime/low alkalinity fluids; prevents water-wet solids.
  • Can reduce initial mixing costs and by reducing the amounts of other surfactants needed.
  • An excellent wetting agent for the difficult to wet Hematite.
  • Improves emulsion stability and helps prevent water in HTHP filtrate.
  • Effective at high viscosity, low emulsion stability and water-wet solids.
  • Improves thermal stability, rheological stability, filtration control and contamination resistance of oil base muds.


  • AFRO- WETTING AGENT is not recommended for high lime systems such as conventional systems which use PRIMARY EMULSIFIER as the primary emulsifier, in wells with lower temperatures (~93.3°C). Under certain conditions in high lime fluids,
  • AFRO- WETTING AGENT may cause undesirable viscosity increases.
  • AFRO- WETTING AGENT is the recommended wetting agent for most high lime, medium temperature applications.
  • AFRO- WETTING AGENT Environmental restrictions concerning the use of oils and oil base fluids should be considered since
  • AFRO- WETTING AGENT is used in conjunction with oil.
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