Spotting Fluid pipe free

AFRO– SPOTING FLUID .PIPE FREE : in all wells requiring a weighted soak solution to free differentially stuck pipe. spotting fluids can be prepared from diesel oil or mineral oil, using freshwater, seawater or brine .Spotting fluids are water dispersible low toxicity, designed to free differentially stuck drill strings. They do not contain any harmful hydrocarbon additives.

Composition/information on ingredients

Molecular formula :                                                            liquid  Mixture

Component                                                                                  Weight %

Modified Amidoamine                                                                30- 60

Hydrocarbons, aromatics solvents                                            10 – 30


Physical and chemical properties

Physical state          : Liquid

Color                         : clear brown – dark amber

Flash point               : ˃75°c

Cake breaking         : must be passed

Soluility in H2O      : Dispersible

Density                    : 0.9 – 1.07 glcm³

pH (10% solution) : 9 – 11


Stability and reactivity

Chemical stability     :   stable under normal ambient , temperature and pressure.


DOSING :   From 8 to 18 lb/galp


Packing:    in 55-gal (drums)

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