KWIK SEAL is made available in fine (F), medium (M) and coarse (C) grades.

Mixture of vegetable fibers, synthetic fibers, cellophane flakes and granulated nut shells for addition to oil well drilling fluids, designed primarily to stop lost circulation in a wide range of conditions with water-based drilling fluids. To function effectively over the widest range of lost circulation conditions, Kwik-Seal additive is available in the following three grinds, Coarse grind is used to seal large fractures and highly Permeable formations and can be pumped easily Through large jets or open pipe. Medium grind is used in sealing medium-to-fine, Fractures and porous zones and can be used with most Jet bits, Fine grind is used where seepage losses are a problem, Such as with fine fractures or porous formations. Fine Grind can be circulated through course-mesh shaker screens and can be maintained in the mud as a filler

Property                                                          Typical Values
Physical Appearance              Blend of flake, fibrous and granular particles
pH                                                                      6.0 – 7.5
Bulk Density                                              450 – 650 kg/m3

Product Grade                             Median Particle Size(mesh)
Fine                                        20% retained on a 20-mesh screen
Medium                                 20% retained on a 12-mesh screen
Coarse                                   20% retained on a 8-mesh screen

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