Formation Seal is made available in fine (F), medium (M) and coarse (C) grades.

Formation Seal (F/M/C) lost circulation material is a natural occurring cellulose material that can be used effectively in spot pills, sweeps and maintenance treatments with minimal adverse effect on rheology and filtration control properties. The cellulosic material helps decrease the permeability of the wall-cake in all drilling fluid types with no chemical additives.


Property                                                    Typical Values
Physical Appearance                Brown granulated to powdered material
pH,                                                      (1% aqueous solution) 4.9
Bulk Density                                                 497 kg/m3

Product Grade                                  Median Particle Size(micron)
Fine                                                                              45 – 75
Medium                                                                    100 – 150
Coarse                                                                      400 – 850

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